1021 Kees Rd. Lexington, KY

This property is located in Lexington, Kentucky and is one of MetroShares first investments.  This is a 4 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom brick single family home, which was bought from foreclosure.   A complete overhaul was done prior to current lease.  The house has newly renovated kitchen and bathroom, refinished hardwoods, and large sectioned lot.

What we did
  • Full paint job (FEB 2013)
  • Complete bathroom remodel  (FEB 2013)
  • Complete kitchen remodel (FEB 2013)
  • All new appliances (FEB 2013)
  • New carpet upstairs (FEB 2013)
  • Refinished hardwood floors – main level (FEB 2013)

Investor Details

Purchased price- $69,100

Total approx. investment- $11,000

Currently Lease: Exp. Feb. 2014 at $800/month

Current Insurance & Tax expense:  $100

Approx ROI: 9.5%



1021 Kees Rd. Lexington, KY

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