How It Works

The MetroShares System

MetroShares has made investing in real estate easier than ever before.  We’ve created a unique user experience allowing even small investors the opportunity to invest in real property.  One of the safest investments is real estate, especially the rental market.   Here we allow our users to invest in “shares” of property all across the nation.  Even if your city isn’t currently a great investment, find other cities that offer higher returns.

Our approach gives you the ability to make money in the real estate market without the headache of dealing with the daily issues that arise.  In the past building a strong real estate portfolio was extremely time consuming, and often times not worth the headache.  MetroShares has eliminated these issues, and made real estate investing easier than ever.

Here’s how it works!

First take some time to browse our website.  You will see you can view current investment properties, as well as potential rentals.  Each of these listing will give you a general idea of what costs have incurred, and what kind of returns on your investment (ROIs) you will receive.  On each listing you will also see who manages the property and what other users are currently invested.  At the bottom of each page you will see a contact us section in which you can inquire about buying “shares” in the listing.

Once MetroShares has been contacted.  We will contact you about further details, and exact figures.  Once we have agreed on a exchange of shares in the property you will join the other users in ownership.  We then send you monthly updates on all your properties.  We also keep on hand your returns, which will be credited to you account.  You can request a check of these returns quarterly or you can keep them to invest further.  Its as simple as that!

Now all you need to do is set up your FREE MetroShares account!


the MetroShares processin 3 steps

MetroShares makes it simple for anyone to invest in real estate. You may think investing is out of your reach, but we've made it possible for even the average Joe.


create an account

Set up your free MetroShares account today and start browsing investment properties now.

fund your account

Easily fund your MetroShares account through variety of ways. Currently we are accepting check, money order, or pay-pal.

start investing

Start investing in real estate and watch your empire grow.

MetroShares Investment Fees Breakdown

Creating and funding your MetroShares account is free! Once you begin investing and buying shares in property, we charge a small one time investment transfer fee. This fee is based on the monetary size of your investment, starting at a 3% and decreasing as size increases. Below you can find a breakdown of the scale.

Investment Fee Chart
Investment Size


3%investment fee

$500 to $9,999


2%investment fee

$10,000 to $24,999


1%investment fee

$25,000 & UP